2ne1 the best new band in the world!

salam. hey.

yippe. so happy. 2ne1 menang. eh apasal ni? YG FAMILY ja malar menang anugerah MTV

2ne1 the best new band in the world. yahuu.... :D

gambar kedua ni pula, gambar bigbang!haha.. alang-alang da masukkan gambar bigbang. jum la kia masukkan gmabar bigbang pula :)

bigbang menag award best worldwide act. haha..

oh yeahyeah.aku godek gambar ni dari tumblr aku.

ok,sapa-sapa ada tumblr. jangan menyombong. jom cekidaut tumblr aku

oho.. hapy bornday utk unni sandara park. 

TO THE FOREVER YOUNG, FRESH-FACED MEMBER OF 2NE1, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Many people have always wondered why I chose her as my bias out of all people out there. Just a pretty face? I say she’s more beautiful inside. Talentless? She worked her way to where she is now but never once you will see her without a smile. Attention-seeker? I say she’s born to make everyone around her laugh. Snobby? She’s the most genuine person out there. Just look at how she treats her fans.
You may never understand how much I care for this girl but really, she’s a keeper! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARA AND I WILL FOREVER LOVE YOU! Always keep your bright disposition!

Billion Dollar Baby